Inroduction to CPMCS Mentoring Course


This program is not a college-diploma course.

This is simply learning directly the practical and applicable but extensive knowledge needed so that the participants who intend to go into Build & Sell business or in construction business will have the option to undertake on their own the project management and/or site supervision of their own construction projects. Hiring contractors becomes only a second option.

This program shall consist of 21 sessions of 5 hours, more or less and 8 days of actual construction site visits, and non-lecture activities or other field works by groups.

All lectures will be conducted online thru Zoom or other medium, with 30 minute break halfway.

When already allowed under quarantine rules, there will be group field work for applicable topics such as actual inspection of ongoing constructions. Also, there would be group discussion, group presentation to the class, and group and individual assignments which shall be prepared days before the scheduled group presentation.

Each group, in relation to their assignments and presentations to undertake, will be allotted extra time for consultation with Engr. Enrico S. Cruz, again via Zoom. Engr. Cruz decides on date and time.

The class will be divided into balanced groups, based on educational background and work experience.