General Conditions


1. The purpose of all participants in joining any of our courses is to learn and not to gather materials for future articles, magazines or books. Participants are not allowed to publish any portion of the course in any form and in any media including the internet. Pictures of our handouts and audio or video recordings of the class in session, if ever made shall be for kept personal souvenir purpose only.

2. All picture, handouts and any other instructional materials provided by URBAN Institute thru any means, shall be the exclusive property of URBAN Institute and shall not be reproduced for purpose of distributing or providing copies to other persons or entities.

3. In case of failure to join in any online session, participant may make up in later offering of the same topic, subject to availability of slots. URBAN Institute is not obliged to conduct make up or tutorial classes for any absent or late participant.

4. Audio and video recording of the session or any of its portion is strictly prohibited.

5. In cases of justifiable reasons such as illness of the lecturer, URBAN Institute reserves the right to change, re-set or to modify the seminar dates, time and topics with a 24-hour notice either by email or text only. In such a reset of any lecture day or program activity, URBAN Institute shall not be liable to any incurred absence, expenses or damages by any participant.

6. In case of failure of any participant to participate or complete his enrolled course, all deposits and fees paid shall not be refundable.

7. Some lectures will be in Taglish and enrollees are made aware of this. For those who can not or shall have difficulty to understand Pilipino should not enroll.

8. URBAN Institute reserves the right to expel from the class any participants whose behavior and attitude is distracting to the learning objective of the class.

9. All participants are required to join before the starting time of the lecture. Late entrants may have to wait some time in the waiting room or may not be admitted at all. All participants are required to turn on their video during the session. Participants who will turn off their videos during the session may be removed from the session. Your Zoom name upon entry in the Zoom waiting room must be the same as your registered zoom name.

10. Although this is a very remote possibility, URBAN Institute reserves the right to cancel or alter the date(s), change the venue or change the speakers for any seminar or topic due to severe weather condition, illness, political/social unrest, internet failure, and whatever other reasons. In such an event, we will inform you by email through the email address that you have supplied us during your inquiries. We will give you as much time as is reasonably practicable in all the circumstances.

11. Again, although it is a very remote possibility, should this Seminar be cancelled for whatever reason before the start of the course, all deposits and payments made shall be refunded 100% by URBAN Institute and thereafter, both URBAN Institute and the depositor shall have no further liabilities and obligation with each other. In case the course was already, ongoing when cancelled, the pro rata amount equivalent for the remaining session shall also be fully refunded.

12. For review course, in any case for whatsoever reason that the examination date was postponed by PRC, the review dates shall immediately be adjusted accordingly so as not to conclude the review too early before the examination.

It is understood that participants to our course agree to these conditions prior to making any reservation deposit or full payment.