New Mentoring Course on Leasing Real Properties

Urban Institute of Real Estate is proud to offer another Mentoring Course this time focusing on Leasing of Real Properties. This five-day Mentoring Course will provide participants ample knowledge regarding Leasing of Real Properties and will have the following schedule:

Day 1 and 2, July 19 and 20

  • Investment Analysis of Rental Properties
  • How-To's of Relevant Computation Using Spreadsheet Software
  • Notes on Buying Your Rental Properties
Day 3, July 21
  • Legal Aspects of Buying and Leasing Real Properties
Day 4, July 25
  • Taxation Aspects of Leasing Real Properties 
  • Relevant Notes on Property Taxes
Day 5, July 26
  • Management of Rental Properties and Maximizing Its Income
Seminar Fee is PhP 8,000.00 per participant. Each participant will receive a set of handouts and a Certificate of Attendance after completion of the Mentoring Course. 

Interested individuals should go through the Policies and Conditions first before proceeding to Payments and Registration. A map of the Seminar Venue can be seen here while you can learn more About the Lecturer here. As always you can Contact Us for any additional questions or confirmation of available seats.