Topic Breakdown for the 12-Hour Real Estate Salesperson Training Course

The 12-Hour Real Estate Salesperson Training Course seeks to impart to prospective real estate salespersons all the required knowledge for the optimum performance of conducting a real estate transaction. Among this prerequisite knowledge are the following:

1. Legal aspects of sales, leases, documentation and registration including the steps in transferring the Transfer Certificate Title (TCT) to the name of the buyer.

2. Familiarization with the TCT including its technical descriptions, plotting the lot plan, and site verification.

3. Preliminary knowledge on appraisal of real properties by applying the Market Data Approach.

4. Taxation and basic computations of selling price, down payment, periodic payment, commissions, withholding taxes, and value added tax.

5. Orientation towards the Real Estate Service Act (RESA), Code of Ethics, and Brokerage.\

6. Important aspect of financing a real estate purchase through PAG-IBIG Housing Loans and various bank financing.

7. Other important real estate terminologies.