Detail of Topics Day 1: Investing in Real Estate Lecture Series 2011

Day 1
May 10, 2011 (Tuesday)

Whether we are in economic slowdown and looming recession or economic recovery or boom, real estate is always the better investment alternative for the moneyed investors, and as such, there is a strong need to guide
incoming beginners and prospective real estate investors, dealers and developers away from the sad misfortunes of loss-making investments. Although real estate investing is one investment area that yields many opportunities and long financial security, this is realized only with knowledgeable investors. Because of the broad, diverse and changing intricacies and techniques of real estate, many newcomers may suffer business failure instead.

The 4-hour lecture will provide helpful guidelines to the benefits of beginning and prospective real estate owners, investors, dealers, developers and realty professionals. It will cover the following: review of the different investment motivations; why invest in real estate; pitfalls and traps in real estate investments; why real estate appreciates; pros and cons of investing in vacant land; different areas of opportunities, techniques and how to’s in real estate investment such as buy and sell or lease; build and sell; rehabilitation of foreclosed and damaged properties; master leasing; converting apartments to townhouses or condominiums; and developing vacant/raw lands.
Also included is a general orientation to all the basic knowledge that is essential to a profitable and successful real estate investment such as real estate economics, legal aspects and contract documents, financing and analyzing investments, property appraisal, property development, development rules and regulations, property management, real estate taxation, property valuation or appraisal and others.