Detail of Topics Day 5: Investing in Real Estate Lecture Series 2011

Day 5
May 21, 2011 (Saturday)

There are three major sectors that can enter into a Joint venture for real estate development. One is the developer who has the experience and knowledge but may or may not have the capital needed. Another is the one with the financial resources and capacity, interested in real estate business but lacks the knowledge or experience. The third is the one with the land who may lack either financial resources or knowledge to develop his land.
It would be a big economic contribution if the three resources can be joined and made productive. However, before a joint venture could be concluded, many questions and other important aspects should be learned, clarified and answered for the protection of all the parties.

The topics to be taken up are Concepts and Types of Joint Venture and Project Syndication; Reasons for Joint Ventures; Obligations of Landowner; Undertakings of the Developer; Role of the Syndicator; Financier’s Role; Packaging a JV Proposal; The Syndication Agreement; Sharing Schemes; Safety Nets For Developer; Safeguards For Landowner; Important provisions in a Joint Venture Agreement; Participation Mortgages and others.