Detail of Topics Day 4: Investing in Real Estate Lecture Series 2011

Day 4
May 17, 2011 (Tuesday)

Going into the business of property development involves a series of critical decision-making stages that requires methodical studies and analysis without which, success becomes a hit or miss game of chance. Prospective developers should watch out for pitfall and traps and be aware of the governing rules covering, among others, plans, standards, permits, licenses and reportorial requirements. As an example, it becomes a very expensive learning experience on the part of the developer if later on it would be found out that the plans prepared do not conform to the standards prescribed by the government rules and regulations.
This lecture will provide the needed learning and updates for upcoming and current developers, professionals and property owners and will include the following: property development as a business; why not everybody are property developers; phases of property development; evaluating land potential; when you should not invest in vacant land; feasibility criteria; evaluating economic feasibility; needed government permits and licenses; notes on land development and housing construction; development costs; marketing and subdivision management; notes on industrial, commercial and condominium developments and others.

In addition are the latest updates on the minimum standards and important provisions of PD 957, BP 220, RA 6552 (Maceda Law), implementing rules of RA 7279 (Lina Law) and related issues on subdivision development such as transactions exempt from license to sell, non-completion of developments, turnover or donation of roads and parks & playground, organization of homeowners associations, registration of real estate dealers and others.