For the meantime, it seems there is no need to be a member of the existing realty associations. What is required by RESA is to be a member of the integrated professional organization of real estate service practitioners. This would be automatically accomplished upon registration with PRC.

It appears that all expired licenses, regardless of year it expired, will be given a chance to renew without being required to again pass the licensure examination, subject to compliance to the required CPE units.

Also, those who passed the 2008 and 2009 DTI licensure exams but failed to obtain their licenses will be given the same chance to apply for their licenses.

Bad news for those who passed the exam in 2007 or earlier, it seems they were not included. If this is true, they should bind together and petition or appeal to the Board.

To form a group, text “2007&earlier” to 0916-426-9174 or 0939-137-9242 plus you name, email address and year your license expired.

Also, there are some information that there will be a licensure examination for real estate brokers that may be conducted first week of December. If true, seminars and reviews may be conducted as early as September.

Educational qualification is simply graduate of a 4-year college degree, not yet of a real estate course.

To receive direct updates about the licensure exam, please text "broker's exam" to the above CP numbers plus you name and email address.

For other queries, please text to the above cellphone numbers or email to ubanet.ph@gmail.com.