Hello and welcome to the latest web log of the Urban Institute of Real Estate and Construction. Primarily, Urban Institute is a company that focuses on providing high quality alternative education regarding the world of real estate. You want to learn about real estate in the Philippines? Then you've come to the right place.

Urban Insitute provides opportunities for ordinary people to learn about the real estate world and helps them establish a footing in the business by first helping them obtain a real estate broker's license through the COMPREHENSIVE REAL ESTATE SEMINAR (CRES) for the broker's exam. However, learning does not end in obtaining a license. Urban Institute also spearheads various innovative topics regarding the real estate world in their lecture series as part of their continuing education program.

As you can see, we've only started setting the blog up but here's a few things that you can expect in the future:
  • Press releases and schedules of our latest Comprehensive Real Estate Seminar and Review (CRES) as well as our Continuing Education Program (CEP) Lecture Series

  • In depth analytical articles and podcasts from the President of Urban Insitute himself, Engr. Enrico S. Cruz

  • Streaming video of seminars and lectures on various real estate topics including exclusive web only content

  • Property listings and the chance to collaborate on different real estate projects including a special mentoring program
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